Role of Iron and Steel in Building Structure

Steel and iron have become increasingly popular in building structures as the construction industry has grown, due to their high tensile strength, low weight, and ductility. Steel structures are simple to install in buildings, can withstand wind and earthquakes, and can also lower construction costs. Steel is widely used in high rise buildings, bridges, and other high-rise buildings. If you want to make your buildings more secure and attractive, you can use steel and iron to construct them.

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Iron and steel have been used since ancient time. It is said that iron was discovered in 3000 BC. It is a very useful material and is being used in various industries.

Buildings these days are mostly built with steel, in fact, even the highest skyscrapers are made up of steel. The reason steel is used a lot in the construction of skyscrapers is because it is very strong and durable. For example, the core of the building is generally made up of steel, and all the steel beams and columns, etc. are connected to each other with steel plates.

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